L'Opinione hails Azerbaijani multiculturalism

Italy-based L'Opinione newspaper has published an article by researchers Giorgia Pilar and Domenico Letizia, describing Azerbaijan as an example of peaceful coexistence of different nationalities and religions. Headlined "Azerbaijan and Israel: between economic cooperation and multiculturalism", the article says the protection of the freedom of faith of people belonging to different religions in the country is enshrined in the Constitution, and hails the government`s policy in this regard.

The article hails the co-existence of the Christian and Jewish communities in a predominantly Muslim Azerbaijan.

Hailing political and economic relations between the peoples of Azerbaijan and Israel, the article says that Azerbaijan is one of the few Muslim countries that maintain close ties with Israel and that the Jewish community is an integral part of the Azerbaijani society.

The article also hails the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Azerbaijan at the end of the last year.

"Established in the 1990, Azerbaijan-Israel relations have reached a high point of development in political and economic spheres and mutual interests pave the way for further development of relationship in the years ahead," the article concludes.

Asiman Asadov

Special Correspondent