Azerbaijan-Germany: multicultural comparison and the model of Azerbaijan Republic

In the western countries multicultural situation not seems good, its principles are going under crises at the present moment. Multicultural values for racial and religious minorities are violated deliberately by some forces in the European countries- Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Britain and Hungary. Modern German philosophy Jurgen Haberman claims about multiculturalism that the form of modern and intellectual society consist of equal rights that it is possible to equalize diverse culture between major population and minorities. The significant program is which it refers to maintain rights for minorities is not only included in politics of every state, this must be ensured in social-political sphere of society. During eighteen and nineteenth centuries European kingdoms were fighting with each other, in result of battles many German families originated to migrate to Azerbaijan.

In 1817 some settlements were constructed for location of 194 German families in Azerbaijan. For example, “Annenfeld” and“Helenendorf”, “Georqsfeld”, “Qrunfeld”, “Avxenfeld” və “Traubenfeld”.

After hundred years, the statistics of 1917 year displays, more than 160 000 Germans lived in the region of Caucasus. At the same time, the number of ethnic Germans in Azerbaijan had been increased 6 000 until 1918. The sect of Christian Germans is Protestant and they could demonstrate their worship freely. Ethnic Germans were allowed to build their Churches in their settlements in different years. In Azerbaijan German minorities not only had rights to promote their religion, way of life, also they achieved fundamental rights to publish newspapers in their language. For instance, the newspaper is under the name of Bauer und Arbeit” is one of the well-known of media which represents German idea, culture and people.

After collapse of the Soviet Union, some families from Azerbaijan have migrated to Germany and other European states. Unfortunately, there has been still existence of religious, ethnic tension in the federative republic of Germany. All ethnic nations face aggressive treatment from some groups frequently. In the Bavarian region of Germany one shelter for 19 Azeri refugees which is include 3 children was attacked and ignited by cruel nationalists. In according with information of the Amnesty International organization, more than 6 000 members of neo-Nazis group have been enrolled in Germany and 200 racial crimes were perpetrated by them. In October of 2010, the prime minister of the federative republic of Germany Angela Merkel made speech in important meeting about diverse society. She stated, “attempts to entail multicultural association failed in Germany”.

Renouncing explanation of multicultural idea which is connected with moral features of concept of the United Europe should provoke clash of thoughts in the migrant policy of Germany. The interrelations of social structure for promotion of multiculturalism must be combined with cultural and religious foundations. The alternative to development of diverse culture is assimilation that it means, minorities are forced to reject ethnic-cultural features and they aren’t able to master rules, social values of foreign society.

The term of multiculturalism explain tolerance as demonstration of various religious and national groups. The conceptual view of European governments don’t demand migrants who presents second or third generation to integrate in society, they are only called to be tolerant to live with major people who have different culture. European officials are not interested to discuss multicultural policy for integration, they just prefer to look over policy about ethnic and religious diversity for their populist objects. In the same way, some parties and organizations- PEGIDA, AfD, Die Rechten which preserve anti-Islam, anti-Immigration have initiated to demonstrate campaign against multiculturalism for acquiring many votes among local people. Establishment of aggressive national atmosphere has already been bringing such situation to devastate multicultural environment.

In Azerbaijan multicultural situation has been evolved for being of social environment. As a rule both multiculturalism and assimilation are different strategies to prevent separation of society. There is existence of leading and essential ideology in Western Europe that immigration and integration must be regulated by state administrations and non-governmental-organizations. Real integration for migrants or ethnic minorities has been already identified in state activity. First, in the Western countries, both public administrations and private institutions have to strive to prepare framework for solution of difficult problems in diverse society that they need to separate social diversity from multiculturalism. Because, social diversity would be revived by public after movement of the immigration. Second, every society lack of abolishing racial discrimination.

 Major nation and various ethnic minorities have been living in Azerbaijan for centuries. For instance, they are Lezgiens, Talysh , Jews, Russians , Ukrainians, Georgians and others. Moreover, Some Armenians continue to settle in the our country. In 2015, “Baku International Multiculturalism Center” was founded with reaching decision on 15 May by Ilham Aliyev is president of the Azerbaijan republic. The activity of Multiculturalism Center refers to arrange internal and external conferences for explaining model of diverse culture of Azerbaijan to officials who are foreign countries. Furthermore, president of Azerbaijan republic Ilham Aliyev signed decree which is more vital toward “adjustment of representative of state committee over religious matters and multiculturalism among ethnic minorities in the Azerbaijan republic”. This state committee has essential privilege to distribute achievement of historical experience about multiculturalism

In 2015, international conference was held in the federative republic of Germany about multiculturalism and tolerance where history of Azerbaijan multiculturalism was introduced. In the conference, decision was adopted that is necessary for benefit of the our country that Azerbaijan multiculturalism will be realized as lesson in 11 popular Universities in Germany. The president of the republic of Azerbaijan states many time, “we always try to prove in various conferences, international meeting that it is possible for majority and minorities to live together in society”. to abroad.

Farrukh Hasanov